Sunday, 3 January 2016

YAY 2016!

I often fear the new year, y'know becoming a year older, having to make more life decisions. Growing up is tougher than you get taught. Last year brought many tough decisions and huge life changes. Scary changes at that. 
At the beginning of the year, Adam and I were still trying to work out the whole long distance relationship thing, which for those of you who have done it, will know it is not easy. When Adam achieved is dream job in 2014, I wasn't ready to move so far from my family to a place I knew nothing about and where I knew nobody. Therefore when Adam moved to Wiltshire, I moved back to York. We would see each other every 4-5 sometimes 6 weeks and our travel expenses would be ridiculous. Trains are such a rip off these days! On our wages, it just couldn't be done.
When February 2015 arrived, both our rental contracts were about to run out and I made the decision that I would move to Wiltshire so we could live together and just make life easier. Although some days have been difficult, I have never looked back. Our families have visited us more than we expected and have helped us every step of the way. Because of work commitments, neither of us could go home for Christmas or New Year. In any case, we made the best of the situation and got ourselves excited about buying our first Christmas tree and all the trimmings to pop around our home. 
To my surprise, my parents said they would come to us for Christmas and spend it in our cozy one bedroom flat. We had a lovely time and enjoyed every minute but have vowed that next Christmas will be different and we will for sure see all our family like we have in previous years. 
Last year really tested us both and really made us appreciate our families a whole lot more. As we didn't see them all the time, it made it all the more special when we saw them for 2 family weddings, my Dad's 50th Birthday and an amazing holiday to Corfu, all spread throughout 2015. So many amazing things happened last year and so many testing things too. Our families have been there every single step of the way and we owe them so much more than just a thank you. 

Adam and I have been saving like crazy and have some great plans for 2016. More big decisions await but I am so excited.

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions as I never ever keep them up but hey ho! I'll try.
1. Attempt the whole "picking the healthy option" thing, I've done it in phases but we'll see if I can stick at it.
2. Keep up the blog. I do enjoy writing my blog even if its only for me to read. I need to stop doubting myself when it comes to it. If I enjoy it, I'm gonna do it!
3. Stop buying things for the sake of it. I want to actually buy things that I will wear and that will last. Quality not quantity. 
4. Read more books. Again I go through phases with this. I feel much more intelligent when I read and I do actually really enjoy it. 
That'll do I think, I don't want to kid myself too much!

Sorry for the soppy post, I don't often get like that, I promise.

What are your new year's resolutions and are you any good at keeping them up?!

Happy New Year!

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