Sunday, 24 January 2016

What's In My Make Up Bag?

Putting on my make up is my favourite part of the day. Some people find it to be a chore or say they don't have time, etc. But I personally don't feel like myself until my make up is on. Even if its my day off and I am the only one in the house, I will still put a little concealer and mascara on just to brighten myself up, it makes me feel more awake and ready for the day. 
Some of the products in my make up bag, I have repurchased over years, some are more recent discoveries but all of which, I absolutely love. These products are kind of my go-to products, whether I'm getting ready for work or going out for a meal, a combination of these will see me through any occasion.
This primer is super light and really helps with the blending and longevity of my foundation. I love wearing this on an evening because it just adds a nice glow to your foundation and acts as an extra layer of moisture on your skin.
Hands down my favourite foundation that I ever tried. Its around £30 a bottle but it is the best £30 I spend. One bottle lasts me a good 6 months as a little goes a long way. This foundation does not budge a single smidgen all day. Its a full coverage foundation so gives your skin that airbrushed, flawless look.
I use this for both blemishes and under my eyes. I love this concealer, its super affordable and stays all day. It works really well with my foundation as they are both high coverage so really helps to perfect my skin.
I love using this to buff in my foundation. Because my foundation is full coverage, its important to make sure its blended and distributed evenly around my face. Otherwise I'll end up with splodges and streaks which obviously isn't the desired effect!
These brushes are super easy to clean, they never shed and are so wonderfully soft its like using a fluffy bunny's paw on your face.
For my concealer I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. It's not photographed as it needs a bit of a wash...

I use the shade "Primal" with a hard angled brush to fill in my brows. Only slightly as my brows are pretty dark already. This palette is one of my absolute favourites as 5 out of the 6 shades are completely matte. I used to use this palette for my everyday eye shadow colours too but I have hit pan on my two favourites, "Stark" and "Frisk", I really need to buy a new one. I have always set my brows with any kind of clear mascara. That just works best for me as its super quick and I don't want to add any more colour to them. At the moment I am just using a Collection one. Its super cheap and does the job perfectly.
Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Candy Glam Palette - Beach Bronze and Pretty Peony
I received this palette as Christmas present from my lovely sister and have not stopped using it since. The eye shadows are gorgeous for when I'm not heading to work but my most used products in the palette have to be the bronze and the blush. They are both super pigmented and have a gorgeous finely milled texture to them. The bronzer is almost matte with a very slight gold shimmer through it and the blush is a beautiful pinched pink with also a lovely glow to it. Both products instantly make my skin look glowing and healthy. I love them. I apply these using the Bare Minerals Flawless Face brush for bronzer and the Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 Arched Powder Brush.

Everyday for work I will just use a combination of "Warm Breeze" (Top row, second from left) and "Brulee" (Middle row, first on left). Warm breeze is a very pale pink with a very light shimmer and brulee is a completely matte, beige, off-white kind of colour. I just mix the two together and they just help to even out the colour of my eye lids. To apply these I use more Real Techniques brushes! The base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush.
When I'm not at work, 95% of the time I will have winged liner on. For some reason I am much better with pot and brush liners than I am with felt tip liners. I have bought this one from Maybelline several times now and I love it. I feel it lasts really well on me and doesn't smudge throughout the day. I use the little brush that comes with it to apply it.
Stupidly I didn't realise this wasn't in the picture until afterwards but this is my favourite mascara of all time. Its super super black and gives me loads of volume and length. I have repurchased this mascara countless times now. I find it actually gets better as it dries out a little too.
When I've slept rubbish and my eyes look like a bag of potatoes, sometimes they need a bit of extra help. Adding a nude eyeliner onto my bottom water line really helps open up my eyes and instantly makes me look more awake even if I don't feel it. This one is soft and creamy and lasts all day.
I have had this lip balm for a while now and it is just perfect for everyday. The balm in the bullet is a translucent pink type colour but as you apply the product it reacts to your lips and gives them a beautiful, healthy shine with a tint of colour that is supposedly perfect for you. This balm works a treat for me. Its super moisturising and gives my lips a pinky tint. It smells amazing too! Like Vanilla and Mint! Yum!
I recently bought this and have been loving it ever since. I love balms with a tint for everyday, they're just so easy apply and require zero upkeep efforts. This one from Collection isn't as moisturising as the Dior Lip Glow but the price margin is obviously pretty big so I didn't expect it to be. It still keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day when reapplied, I just have to use a little lip balm on a night for an extra moisture boost after a full day of wearing it. I love the nudey pink shade, I hate to say it but its the "your lips but better" type colour so just helps to brighten you up and finish off your make up. 
This clearly isn't a make up product but when travelling I do keep this in my make up bag. Escada Turquoise Summer is one of my all time favourite scents. I discovered this this year when perusing the duty free before jetting off to Corfu in July. Although it isn't summer now, I still wear it because I just love it. For me, its the perfect fruity, sweet scent without the sickly factor. Whenever I give it a spritz, it reminds me of the sunshine and eating delicious, juicy, fresh fruit for breakfast. The perfect thing to set me up for the day. 

This was a long post but I hope you enjoy it.
Whats in your make up bag?

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