Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Rosie Loves | Books! | Review: Dinah Jefferies, The Tea Planter's Wife

If you read my previous post you will know that one of my resolutions this year was to get back into reading more.
A new feature of my blog is going to be a monthly book review. I personally love reading book reviews and recommendations as I never know which books to try out. I don't have a particular favourite genre or anything like that so sometimes its overwhelming to just bob on amazon and have a look, I never know where to start.
I just want to say now that I am no english lit/book expert! My "review" will just be an overview of the things I liked about the book and why I would recommend it, nothing fancy shmancy.

The Tea Planter's Wife by Dinah Jefferies is my first book of the year and what a way to start!? It was fantastic, I could not put it down. 
This books is very much a story of tragedy and romance. The story is set in Ceylon (which is now known as Sri Lanka, I believe) in the 1920s. I have always been a sucker for anything in a period drama style but have usually stuck to books based around the Tudors or the Victorian times. It was fantastic to read about the fashions of the time and what the struggles of the world were in the 1920s. 
It is centered around (as you can tell by the title) the wife of the family, Gwen. At the beginning of the book she is newly married at 19 and is travelling to live with her husband in Ceylon who owns multiple tea plantations. Dinah Jefferies sets the scene so well that if i'd have closed my eyes, I would really have believed I was there in Ceylon. It sounds incredible. She used every adjective in the dictionary!!
Throughout the book, Gwen grows up quickly and has deal with serious personal struggles and keeps a lot of secrets from her loving husband and those around her. As a reader, I really felt as though I was going through all the turmoil with her. One minute I was amazed by the beauty of the place and the next minute I'm nearly in tears! 
The book has approximately 419 pages, so the perfect kind of size for me. Not too long and not too short. I had read it within a few days of it arriving from Amazon because I loved it so much.
I didn't think this genre of book would be able to hook me like this!
I can't recommend this book enough if is your type of thing. It is super super cheap (£3.85) from Amazon at the moment so give it a go!
I would love some recommendations from you guys so feel free to leave links!
Happy reading!


  1. .... Does this mean we can go book shopping together :o Sounds like a good read :)

    1. Yes we can! Next time you visit :D Hurry up and visit again
      It was. I really liked it.