Sunday, 3 January 2016

Longleat's Festival Of Light

Before Christmas we attended Longleat's Festival of Light with Adam's family as they were visiting us. Adam and I had seen the lantern display last year and were more than happy to visit it again. The whole evening was a night of "Oooo"s, "Ahhh"s and "Wow, look at that!"s, just as it was last year. The festival takes weeks and weeks of preparation and you can see why as you walk around the grounds of Longleat. The main theme of the event is of course animals, but alongside the colourful elephants, lions and tigers, there a mixture of Asian inspired lanterns, such as Chinese pagodas, Geisha, the Chinese zodiac signs, beautiful sculptures made from China cups and saucers and lanterns depicting the famous Terracotta Warriors. Some of the lanterns were the same as last year but used in a different way, my favourite addition to this years festival was the under the sea display!! It was amazing! Huge, beautiful coral reefs with amazing fish, dolphins, sharks and an enormous whale! I absolutely loved it.
Longleat House is also open on the nights of the festival. This year it was decorated like a Fairytale. Each room with a different theme and a different actor to make you really feel like you were at a Christmas panto! It was just as beautiful as the lanterns. 
There is also a Santa Express train and an ice rink for if you have kids with you.
Even though we went on a very drizzly night, we still enjoyed it so that just proves how good they are. The doughnuts are also very delicious.
Longleat are for certain doing another Festival of Light next Christmas and I would recommend it to everyone if you are in the Somerset/Wiltshire area. It is truly magical!
Be prepared for a lottttt of photos.

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