Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My 'What I Do When I Feel Like Crap' Routine

The curse of the common cold has hit me like a truck! Having a cold is one of the most irritating, draining things known to man.
When I'm ill, my normal routine contains a lot more Netflix and whole lotta pyjama wearing. 
These are just the things I do to make myself feel a little bit better when my cold is getting me down. 
1. Have a nice hot bubbly bath. A Lush bath is preferable. I also love the Olbas bubble bath when my sinuses are blocked. It fills the whole room with a lovely menthol smell and helps you to breathe easy. If you have somewhere to set up your laptop, I love to watch Netflix whilst I'm in the bath. Its ultimate relaxation. I've recently rediscovered my love for "New Girl", it's so hilarious and makes me feel a 100 times better.
2. Get into the comfiest pyjamas/clothing you have. My current favourites: Dinosaur pyjama leggings, one of Adam's tops and my fluffy socks that look like pigs. 
Intergalactic Bath Bomb from Lush
3. Put Olbas Oil on everything, except your skin or eyes because goddamn that hurts!!!
I've used Olbas Oil since I was a kid and it's always helped and plus I just love the smell. If it didn't make me smell like an 80 year old Grandmother than I'd have it everywhere, always... 
4. Load up on the lip balm. I'm talking Carmex on the lips, Vaseline on the nose. One of the worst parts of a cold is how dry everything gets. Its painful and just looks unpleasant!
5. Eat what you want! I'd love to spin a big spiel about how I've eaten loads of fruit and veg to get those vitamins back in but lets get real, I've eaten 2 big bags of crisp WITH dip, 3 blueberry muffins and a bag of mini eggs and a good quarter of a tin of Quality Streets, in the past 3 days. I did have fruit for breakfasts but still, I have definitely not been the height of health, not remotely close.
6. When I'm not binge watching Netflix I like to read. At the moment, every time I look down, I sneeze so reading is proving a bit difficult. I don't often buy magazines but sometimes I just like to see the pretty pictures and read about ridiculous things that never relate to real life.
7. Only remove yourself from your sofa if you really have too. Make a little encampment of all your necessities and open your own personal chemist. I like to make sure that my strepsils, tissues, sudafed, paracetamol, lip balm, the whole works, is all in reach of me at all times. 
8. Hydrate! I will constantly have a glass of water around, it just makes me feel like I'm flushing the bad stuff out and plus its just really good for you. 

If anyone else is suffering with a cold, first of all, I feel for you, second, I'd love to hear what you do too. 

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